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Your mind is 
so powerful.



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I had a great session with Heather.  She was intuitive, very understanding, and on point.  I've discovered the cause of my leg pain that has been prolonged for the last 10 years.  I feel much lighter and my leg is healing now.  The 10 years of suffering is disappearing. Who would thought myt leg pain was something to do with my mother.  Now I'm listening to the transformation recording every morning to enhance the healing.



I'd highly recommend Heather, she is a beautiful soul.  She's very intuitive and allows the client to get back to the root cause of the problem easily. It's fascinating how much one can learn from the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy.  I had an issue with my own ethnic identity, but after a session with Heather, I feel good about myself, who truly am. Thank you so much, Heather! 

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I'm blown away! I have been struggling with anxiety for the last 8 years but it got worsen during the pandemic.  I wanted a quick cure which I didn't know if there was such a thing as a quick cure for chronic stress and anxiety.  I am so glad I gave Hypnotherapy a try, and I am so happy to find Heather, she is an amazing hypnotherapist who not only helps you but who really cares about your health and happiness.  

Healing your past is possible. 
Healing is available to you right now.  

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is one of the most natural and non-invasive forms of psychotherapy that uses deep relaxation techniques (induction techniques) to alter the brain waves and the narrow-focused technique to install more helpful suggestions to speed up the process of achieving one's desirable goals naturally.  The relaxing state of your nervous system and brain creates the "focused but non-alerting" unique physiological and psychological state. 

You will be fully aware, in control, however, feel more interconnected with your inner-self during the hypnotherapy.